Advantages of Telehealth

Medical travel assistance is a complementary health service acquired by all those who leave their country of residence for different reasons and need a health service that protects them against any eventuality.

Provider companies must specialize in providing an optimal service and quality at all times that the traveler requires, so they must adapt to the necessary means and find in the new communication technologies, useful tools for the proper provision of their service.

Telehealth is a perfect consultation option for the traveler, since a health professional can always be on hand without having to make tedious trips; but this is not the only advantage that counts. Following are few important benefits of telehealth.

Traveler Assistance and Travel Insurance, as companies providing traveler assistance services, promote Telehealth as a tool at the service of the user and for their welfare. Emphasis is placed on eliminating the barriers that the language puts the traveler at the moment of being in a foreign territory, providing medical attention in the native language. On the other hand, medical prescriptions, if necessary, are delivered in the local language, facilitating the patient’s use.

Immediate diagnosis is one of the main advantages of telehealth, many times a patient goes to a medical center to know their health condition, and according to the type of complication can be sent to a more appropriate place for the necessary treatment.

In this way, both the patient and the doctor lose valuable time that can affect the well-being of the first in question; Telehealth allows the patient to be assessed without having to resort to an office, providing the doctor with the necessary information to make immediate decisions, saving valuable time in unnecessary travel.

The constant monitoring of patients by health professionals and the Customer Experience and Travel Support team is another of the main advantages of this service, since it is possible to perform continuous monitoring of the evolution of their condition without having to resort to a medical center.

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