Why Is Online Assessment Popular In The Educational Sector?

Technology advancement has changed the whole educational system. Education can function smoothly with the next generation tool. Mobile and digital technology are mostly used in the school for evaluating students in higher education.  Janison offers the best online assessment solution for educators and governments. They bring cloud technology with the best tools to deliver the assessments for many test-takers. Online assessment is the technological development in the education system.

These days, it is easy to conduct examinations online on the computer. The student can attend the test from anywhere which saves time. A well-designed assessment plan can serve the helping purpose to build the school’s reputation by increasing the learning methods. Online assessment serves as an excellent feedback tool for the teacher that helps them to know if their teaching method is understandable for all students. Let’s see some benefits of an online assessment.

Reduce students stress 

A significant benefit of online assessment is that they allow the student to attend the exam at any location based on their choice. It reduces the student anxiety and stress while waiting for test results because the result is distributed immediately. Online assessment assures that the staff can invigilate the assessment easily. It helps the student and teacher save money and time of the travel.

Secure solution

It is a stressful task for the school to maintain the security of the traditional exam paper. There is higher security for all question papers, answer sheep, examination marks, student details in the online assessment. The school result and other essential data are stored digitally that the limited employee can access these data.

Attend exam in a comfortable atmosphere

The classroom is not designed to make possible learning comfortable. Attending the exam in the classroom is not the perfect choice. During the examination, students don’t meet obstacles such as the hard chair, the student being sited closer, and others. The class atmosphere is noisy that distracts the student focus. The home atmosphere allows the student to concentrate on their tasks.

Flexibility of time and location

Conducting the test anywhere and anytime is advantageous to the student. Scheduling an exam is important for schools. These days, the student can attend the exam no matter where they are. The online exam has eliminated all restrictions and provide a convenient experience. The students can take an examination from the tablet, laptop, mobile phone, and desktop.

Get instant feedback  

If you need an online learning solution then Janison is a perfect choice. They have years of experience in the field that the expert provide the best digital assessment platform. With the online assessment, the teacher will send instant feedback to the student. Feedback is vital for students when it is provided after every task has finished. It helps the student to evaluate their performance and take better steps to their result. The student can manage their learning schedule and put more effort into a certain topic that helps them score a good mark. Online learning provides a fun experience for the student.


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