Can you crack CAT without attending full-time Coaching?

To prepare for any competitive exam or any test, you need to be prepared for all the types of questions and challenges you might face in that test. If you are planning to give a CAT exam this year, then we would suggest you read this article first.

There are many options of attending different coaching which is available almost everywhere which assures you that they will teach you and give you all the knowledge regarding the subject needed to crack the CAT exam, but the truth is that you can never rely on any of the coachings for succeeding in clearing the exam as you never know which coaching is actually good and which is not. In this case, you cannot go on any word of mouth because everyone has their style of learning and their methods, which may match with the coaching centre but may be of no use to you in particular. Whether it was CAT 2010 or CAT 2019, the methods of learning for every individual remains the same.

You need to focus on your way of learning and collaborate it with all the subject that you are about to learn.

Some basic steps you need to keep in mind while preparing for CAT without coaching are:

  • For clearing the VARC, you need to brush up your English skills by reading different types of content, and you cannot just rely on any newspaper readings or a particular type of novels or stories, the reason being that you never know what kind of passages might come in the exam.
  • This will not only help you expand your grammar knowledge and increase your vocabulary but also help you to have a little leisure time while practicing the difficult topics.
  • For clearing the DILR, you need to be sharper and up to date with all the general knowledge questions which are being circulated in the current times.
  • You need to have a good grasp on the basic questions, which are mostly based on general knowledge, and this will only be improved if you make your thinking process faster by gaining more knowledge from different mind-twisting You can find these in books relating to the CAT preparation or can easily search some online.
  • These questions should never be all of the same categories, and you need to spend more time on the questions where you are unable to answer within a minute because you will not get that much time in the exam hall, and this is the most time-consuming section of the whole test.
  • To crack the final Quantitative section, you need to refer some books and write-ups on CAT preparation. These can be books by some good authors, and the previous year’s questionnaire always comes in handy in this situation.
  • You do not have to mug up any content; you need to see the intensity of the questions and learn faster ways to solve them using your knowledge.
  • The time is of the essence in this exam, and you can only get that faster approach by practicing different types of questions with different formulas and try to solve the same question with two different methods.

We would suggest you to not just rely on the self-study but also try to gain more insight into the whole bunch of questions as much as you can because you never know which types of questions might come in the exam, and you need to be ready to answer them in time.

We are emphasizing on time again and again because you get only 3 hours to complete the exam, which has 100 questions, and if you take a look at the DILR section, then you will get to know that some of the Logical reasoning questions might take more time than expected to be solved.

Above all, be confident in what you have learned. If you have gained enough knowledge and learnt enough methods of solving problems, then even if the questionnaire is difficult, you will be able to solve it.

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