When you start preparing to study for the LSAT, you are going to realize that the test materials and/or LSAT tutoring can be very costly. This can be demoralizing especially when you have limited financial resources. However, the good news is that there are free online materials that will help you effectively and efficiently prepare for the LSAT. Such materials can be found from various providers. Some of them include:

Magoosh: They offer free LSAT Practice Tests and video explanations. Magoosh is known to offer thousands of questions with answers, guides to the LSAT, and a guide to law school and your future career.

The LSAC website: It has a wide range of free resources for LSAT information and preparation materials. The information can be downloaded on the website and undertaking the free tests is a major initial step towards passing your LSAT’s.

For free Proctored Exams, Preptest offers them. Their exams are widely used by schools and LSAT prep companies. Just Google “free, proctored LSAT practice test in your area” and you will be able to find locally scheduled tests which have real-live test conditions such as being timed.

You could also look out for a free LSAT Super book that comes with a Fee Waiver from the LSAC. The waiver will cushion you a bit since you will avoid paying for several LSAT related costs.

Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep which is available for free at their website. The exams are free and personalized test preparation and reading material that is available to make a positive impact.

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) full length free practice tests which are available on their official website. They provide instructions and timing for each section so that you can get the most realistic results. There is also a list of the most up to date details on changes to the test. The list is available in the LSAC website.

7Sage’s free LSAT. They have simulation resources which are ideal for test-takers struggling with test anxiety. They are available in a free LSAT app which is designed for you to familiarize yourself with the conditions of the LSAT exam; this includes timing and a proctor feature that is able to read out loud each word of the test instructions. Also, if the test environment makes you nervous or makes you worried about your performance, then the 7Sage app is a great incentive for you.

Kaplan Test Prep: They have a variety of free, high quality LSAT practice questions. There is also an LSAT Score Predictor which guides you through a set of practice questions and is able to predict an LSAT score that is based on your current abilities. They also come in handy with the diagnostic tools to be used at the beginning of your preparation process.

Free resources can also be found in the LSATMax’s LSAT Prep Course smartphone app. You are only required to sign up for a free account and thereafter you will gain access to resources such as practice questions, logic games and quizzes.

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