5 Ways in which Leadership Coaching program can benefit your organization

The word ‘Leadership’ conjures up the image of a competent person capable of handling problems that they come across. However, leadership is not something that comes to everyone naturally. It is a skill that can be learnt and acquired. Sometimes leaders chosen based on their technical knowledge rather than their ability to lead, deliver very high-quality work technically, but find it difficult to lead a team and inspire others. This creates chaos and the organization suffers.

Organisations which plan the development of leadership skills as they promote junior managers to middle management levels and middle managers in turn to CXO levels avoid situations in which leaders lack the skill to lead.  Through Leadership coaching programs, organisations help make leaders out of managers.

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Details of the Leadership coaching Program

Duration of Leadership coaching varies and is customised to individual and organisational needs.

The process involves mapping the needs of each person undergoing leadership training and drawing up a gap analysis. This analysis is then used to plan the way ahead. As the program progresses, progress can be reviewed mid-way to ascertain if coaching is helping the leaders. These reviews and self-analysis help the leaders to pause and reflect on their own progress.

Who should enrol for leadership coaching?

  • Leadership coaching is ideal for CXO leaders who need to direct an entire organisation towards success
  • Leadership coaching is also extremely effective for middle managers who are tasked with leading a team. Their effectiveness in these roles depends on their being able to develop their leadership capabilities.
  • Any one who wishes to develop leadership skills as part of their arsenal can benefit from leadership coaching.

Five ways in which a Leadership Coaching Program is beneficial for an organization:

  • Allow Managers to grow into leaders– Not all managers are able to lead intuitively. Leadership coaching helps provide them a pathway to lead others confidently. They learn to communicate their passion for their work to their teams and build positive energy and momentum in their team, helping not only themselves but also all team members to make progress towards their goals.
  • Help build the EQ of your top and middle tier team – Leaders need to be very aware of themselves and others emotionally. Leadership coaching helps leaders to build their Emotional quotient, so that they can connect and lead not only from a place of technical interest but from a place of trust and authenticity. Such leadership helps them build stand out teams that work cohesively towards their goals.
  • Help leaders identify and develop their strengths as well as work on their weaknesses – All of us have strengths and weaknesses. Leadership coaching helps leaders to identify their strengths and build on them. It also helps them be aware of their weaknesses so that they can improve and not be blind-sided but these.
  • Help leaders become authentic and interested parties in the progress and welfare of their teams and everyone working with them. Leaders unlike managers are genuinely interested in developing their teams and helping their team members perform to their highest abilities. Leaders motivate and encourage people they work with, thus increasing the productivity of an organization.
  • Navigate Uncertainty – We live in uncertain times for sure. Leadership coaching builds self- confidence in a leader and prepares them for sudden changes and downturns in their environment. True leaders are able to work on themselves and with their teams to chart uncertainty and take their organisations to higher goals and accomplishments.

Leadership coaching is therefore critical for all organisations that want to grow and build in today’s volatile world.

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