The overlooked benefits of medical scribes

Medical scribes have been for a long time, known as physician assistants. However, there are many more ways both physicians and patients benefit from having medical scribes around. But just a few of these benefits have been taken into serious consideration by the players in the industry.

So, who is a medical scribe? These are professionals whose work is helping transcribe patient information into an electronic system known as Electronic Health Records (EHRs). However, they have to do this under the supervision of a physician.

After in-depth research, here are some of the hidden benefits of medical scribes that we realized;

  • Better patient-physician interactions

Without a scribe, a physician would be glued to the computer screen while speaking to patients. However, that does not make patients feel well attended to. Patients weed full attention from physicians so that they can explain their situation to them.

With a scribe, all the information that should get kept in record is not a physician’s work. Therefore, the physician has a chance to give the patient undivided attention. Consequently, there is patient satisfaction because of better interactions.

  • Better teamwork

According to research, what most physicians appreciate about working with scribes is better teamwork. Working alone is not only dull but also tiresome. A scribe makes work more comfortable for a physician and helps staff at all levels to cooperate well.

  • Improved physician satisfaction

Most physicians have also said that they feel proud of their jobs as a result of a scribe getting involved. Before, their work was heavy, and most of them would not pride in it. However, things have changed for better making their workplace more conducive.

Also, there is an increase in clinicians looking to join the field. That is because of the betterment of the working environment. During the research, on a scale of one to four, on average, physicians agreed that scribe involvement had improved their experiences in the hospitals.

  • It pays for itself

Having a medical scribe in a clinic does not seem like an extra expense. Many physicians think employing a scribe is not an expense ultimately because they pay for themselves. The reason for this is because scribes contributed to an increase in the number of patients that visit hospitals.

According to a recent study, scribes have contributed to a significant increase in the revenue collected by hospitals. With EPPA scribes, hospitals have been making a lot of money compared when physicians have worked without these supportive professionals.

  • Helps mitigate physical burnout

Physicians have a lot of tasks to handle, and handling the transcription of information can be a tough task. Therefore, scribes come along to help them manage such tasks. That allows them to concentrate on other tasks.

Consequently, there is reduced physical burnout from handling multiple tasks. Physician fatigue is becoming a thing of the past.


Medical scribes are essential professionals in the medical industry. The benefits of having these professionals at work are so many. In this article, we dug deep into the most overlooked benefits of hiring scribes.

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